CHFC’s mission is to increase understanding between China and the Netherlands (and Europe) by means of film projects. That’s why we produce documentaries, organize film events, or provide production service for Chinese crews shooting in Europe. For everything we do we are driven by the love for China, Chinese people and by everything that comes with the process of film making. Working internationally is in our DNA.

CHFC was founded in 2012 and launched at the exhibition of the Beijing Film Market. Based in Amsterdam and with trusted partners in Shanghai and Beijing, CHFC acts as a film bridge between China and Europe. Arjen speaks fluent Mandarin and has 15 years of production experience in both the Netherlands and China.

CHFC has two main activities:
CHFC PRODUCTION SERVICE: Facilitate film shoots for Chinese clients in the Netherlands and for European clients wishing to shoot in China.
CHFC CULTURAL: Coordinate film projects that strengthen the cultural cooperation between China and The Netherlands.